The Benefits of a Custom Cover

Time is an investment, and you've certainly put a lot of that into the book you've been writing. You've hired a great editor. You've put together a top notch marketing plan. But have you given much thought to your book cover?

Although pre-made covers are great (heck, we've got some available here and more coming soon), they don't ALWAYS capture the essence of your story. It's like trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe that's just a half-size too small–obviously not the perfect fit. You need a cover that nails your concept and in turn, generates those sales you've been seeking.

That's where a professional book cover designer steps in. At The Thatchery, we strive to bring your vision to life. We take your input and your synopsis and turn that into a visual masterpiece that reflects the real goodies waiting inside. 

Whether you have a firm cover idea or you're needing some guidance, we've got you covered.....literally.