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Chris Patchell, award winning author of Deadly Lies and In the Dark, interviewed The Thatchery about book cover design in today's industry. Read it here.

Andrea Hurst & Associates interviewed The Thatchery for their AUTHORNOMICS blog series. Read it here!

Longshot in Missouri received a gold star for the January 2016 e-Book Cover Design Awards presented by They said, "An excellent cover for this Civil War-era historical novel, with polish and economy. ★"

1929: Book One received a gold star for the December 2014 e-Book Cover Design Awards presented by The cover was designed by The Thatchery. They said, "It can be hard to combine more than two images and end up with a cohesive look, but this cover succeeds, and part of that is the careful color decisions and the mood that’s so well expressed. Looks like an epic, something you’d like to really settle down with. ★"